A Winding Path

Its been a long time…

Last year got pretty chaotic, with Jai turning four, a new chapter of Jai starting nursery a couple of hours a day, the Epidemic Answers/TMR London Event and being blessed with writing a guest blog ‘An Evening of Hope and Inspiration in London and on top of that a dream holiday approaching we had some high highs but as winter took hold things got pretty low around here. Winter, always this time of year when our path thats flowing so beautifully takes a diversion to picky eating, gut dybolosis and lots of isms. Hmmm.

We had a great holiday away, Jais appetite actually improved dramatically to trying new foods and enjoying his meal times! Wonder what that is about being in the sun? Vitamin D perhaps?! A great holiday for my mind too which had gone into a serious overdrive while flashing red on fuel over the weeks previous.

Something we all needed. After Jai being so ill in November,  he had not been ill like this since then… That time. Illness always affects Jai, it sets him back. His sensory issues strike back. He becomes irritable and agitated.

So we were all seriously struggling with PTSD. Aren’t we all on this journey already? Well this sparked it big time in this family.

Our Holiday was just around the corner.

The beach… Well just what Jai loved and needed! Space, freedom and peace.

Christmas came by in the blink of an eye on our return home. It was lovely. Jai opened his presents!!! And I mean properly! He laughed and giggled! It was a success. Its was the first success actually since Jai being sick. Thank god, a breakthrough! So Christmas maybe not a success for the average persons way spending the day but for my son it was perfect. For my family, absolute bliss. A small family affair.

A New Year.

Doesn’t time just speed up as you get older?why is that? Well I started the year hopeful, optimistic and with a great plan in hand full of new chapters to getting Jai to complete health and happiness.

With ups and downs, twists and turns on this path. Diet infractions. Well not so positive the whole way through the first month but after one appointment. Boom that hope was back.

Homeopathy, so gentle but with Jai wow the power is undeniable. I love the approach. This was something that helped jai out of the clouds  when he first regressed and something I was excited to get back on top of.

Theres a whole post coming in this one!

I Decided to continue our Son-Rise program and homeschool from September, as of when he reaches school age. Well just as we mean to go on really and adding in some more creative fun free time! Arts and craft, cooking and digging around in the mud. Sticking with what’s working while exploring other approaches also.

Focusing on communication and speech, lengthening interactions initiated by himself, keeping his sensory diet going,  balance, numbers, insects well especially ladybirds. Jais favourite. Bug hunting!

This will be the start of a regular posting, we are back in the groove and walking this path strong to the end.


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