An Autism Mum Is In Need Of Our Help

Raising a child with autism can really take it’s toll on you as a Mum. It’s constant, it’s stressful and at times yes, it’s exhausting.

As a parent to a child with autism you are their sole carer, advocate and biggest supporter. You would do anything and everything in your power to help your child succeed and reach their full potential, to address their medical needs. But as our job as parents is day in day out, we never have time to keep check on our own health, make sure we are healthy, well we hardly have a few seconds to brush our teeth in the morning to be honest. We must.

The financial costs of raising a child with autism, treating a child with autism is staggering, parents are on a constant up hill struggle with the costs of therapies, diet and testing just to name a few. That’s why I cannot imagine how hard it is for this family right now.

Melanie Baldwin AKA Booty Kicker from The Thinking Moms Revolution needs our help. Melanie now suffers from spine and liver cancer after previously beating breast and bone cancer. As Melanie Struggles to overcome her current health issues, her son Luke who is self injurious, quite ill and severely affected by autism, still requires 24/7 care, love and attention.

Melanie and her son need our help.

If you would like to donate and help this family directly through an incredibly difficult period in their lives please do, it will be greatly appreciated. As I said before I cannot imagine the struggle they are facing.

please follow this link to donate

if you have not read any of Melanie Aka B.K’s blogs, you must.

You can view them here;

They are truly inspirational. Melanie is truly inspirational.


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