Time to heal

Wow how time flys by, this year so far has been an exciting one!

We had a plan this year in our minds right from the get go that this year we were headed right where all my instincts had been pulling me since reading “10 things you can do RIGHT NOW to help your child with autism”, to The Autism Treatment Centre of America – The Son-Rise Program Start Up.

An amazing warrior mum i had met on facebook ( now such a special friend to me) had been to the ATCA herself for training told me that the time there is life changing, little did I know then just how truly life changing it would be.

That time at the Start Up program was incredible, an emotional roller-coaster but a great one.
This was so much more then I had imagined it to be, so unique.
I was overwhelmed with relief to be there, to be around like minded parents, thinkers, people and we were all there for the same reason because our love for someone, our love for their futures had brought us there.

Everything I learnt made so much sense to me, it was like a veil had been lifted and I could see just how to reach Jai in a way he could understand and feel comfortable in, a way of connecting and inviting him from his own special place into ours.
I fell in love with the positive thinking, the principles and the 3 E’s (Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm)!
Each evening I returned to our hotel with excitement to start, to try out what I had learnt that day , excitedly talking Dimitri (my partner and Jai’s dad) through each step, i couldn’t get the words out fast enough!
Each day Jai responded!!!
He could see, feel and sense the changes I had immersed myself into and So could I.

On our return from America I got started implementing the techniques gradually and clearing out Jai’s room which is now Jai’s Son-Rise play room.
We had our fist appointment with a DAN practitioner/nutritionist (Defeat Autism Now), I was excited.
This couldn’t have been a better time as Jai was in pain with his belly, behaviour was worsening and some new behaviours were coming into play.
We did an ATEC 82.
It had gone up two points since Decembers 80 score and it was then beginning of May, I had to get started. Low and slow, one supplement at a time starting with the new probiotic and digestive enzymes.
A week had passed and what a change!!!
Aggression and self injurious behaviour had subsided I’d say 90%, my heart was filled with joy!

Weeks passed it was now June. Another ATEC I thought as I knew I would see the difference in the number, 67!!! Woohoo this was incredible, a little over four weeks and we were seeing the changes in front of our eyes.
We still have a long way to go on this journey but through the Son-Rise program, Biomed and some great organisations the Canary Kids Project and Thinking Moms Revolution, we are now filled with HOPE that we can’t get enough of for our little mans future!

This year so far has brought so much hope, happiness, love, acceptance and some very special people into our lives- Heather and Rana (so glad to have met you both at the Start Up) but I must say a huge thank you to one special friend in particular, an amazing warrior mum I met along this journey, the same warrior mum i mentioned earlier, Lindsey…
You have been such a support to me, such an inspirational friend that I have grown so close to.
You once told me we all have an autism angel and you are mine, I can’t express enough how grateful and honoured I am to know you Lindsey, so thank you again for all you have shared with me so far on this journey.

Forever grateful.